PALMER COMPANY is a unisex clothing and accessory brand founded and ran solely by Devon Palmer.



    When can I get something?

    • If nothing is available right now and you're curious when the next item will be, please follow on the instagram and twitter @companypalmer for updates. Everything sold through Palmer Company is limited in quantity, and because of that some items/sizes sell out within minutes upon release. For that reason, it is important to pay attention to the exact date and time the item will become available.


    I missed out, will there be a restock?
      • Unfortunately, PALMER COMPANY almost never restocks sold out items.
        How can I pay and is my payment information private?
          • Payments can be made with most credit/debit cards and payment services. All payment information is secured from everyone including PALMER COMPANY. 


          How do I know that my order was completed?
            • After a completed purchase, you should receive a confirmation email. Please do not enter a fake email address. It is important that you have verification of your order.


            How long will it take to get my item?
              • The amount of time it should take for the entire shipping process to be completed for an item will be put in the description of that item. Everything is shipped in order of the time it was purchased. The first batch of orders are usually shipped within a day or two of the item becoming available. Please take into consideration this entire process is being done by one person. Under rare circumstances, shipping may take slightly longer than the time put in the item's description.


              How do I know if my item shipped?
                • A USPS tracking number will be sent to the email you purchased the item with when it is shipped. On most occasions, the social media will also be updated on shipping days.


                Can I have my item shipped by/on a certain date?
                  • PALMER COMPANY can not promise your item being shipped by/on a certain date. Please take into consideration the shipping time stated and plan accordingly.


                  I messed up my shipping information, can I change my email/address?
                    • Yes, please get in contact immediately if you notice something is wrong with your shipping information. You can get in contact through email (thepalmerco@gmail.com). However, PALMER COMPANY is not able to change your order item or size, so please make sure you are ordering the correct item and size before completing your purchase.



                    PROBLEMS AND CONCERNS:

                    Can I get a refund?
                      • All sales are final. PALMER COMPANY will not be able to refund you unless an error is made by PALMER COMPANY. Please be sure you are able to commit to buying an item before doing so.


                      I never received my item/tracking number
                        • Please double check the item's description for how long the process may take for your item to ship. If that time has passed, or it has been confirmed on the PALMER COMPANY instagram that all of your item's orders have been shipped, 5 business days have passed, and you still have not received your item or tracking number, please contact PALMER COMPANY (thepalmerco@gmail.com). Each order's receipt and tracking number is kept on file.
                        • Once you have your tracking number, it is important to check on the tracking through USPS. Although it has never happened before, your package may be held or lost by USPS. You will need to get in contact with USPS in this case. PALMER COMPANY is not responsible and can not help with items lost, held, or damaged by USPS, or for lost items due to the customer entering incorrect shipping information.


                        My tracking number is not working
                        • If you are trying to track your package immediately after you received your tracking number, it may not show up because USPS hasn't registered/ began shipping your item yet. Please allow at least 24 hours after receiving your tracking number for it to work properly. If it is still not working, please contact PALMER COMPANY (thepalmerco@gmail.com).


                        My item was damaged after use/washing.
                        • PALMER COMPANY is not responsible for and will not refund items damaged from any kind of use or washing. It is STRONGLY recommended that you wash any PALMER COMPANY clothing item on delicate with cold water.